NEZ Championship 2016


NEZ championship 2016 results -Regulations NEZ stages in season 2016 : Latvia 29 – 30 April –Signals EM trophy 2016 results Estonia 7 – 10 July – Suur Maasturite Suvesõit 2016 results Lithuania 17 – 18 September – Zarasai Trophy 2016 results In paralel of all NEZ championship events ATV 4×4 EURO CHAMPIONSHIP will be […]

Signāls EM Trophy 2016


Although there has not been much snow this winter, the thaw we’re experiencing now has affected the organization of many motor sports competitions in Latvia, as well as in Europe. But there has never ever been a situation called “too much of mud” in any Trophy raid competition, thus Madona municipality and surroundings have already […]

Why NEZ Championship


Krisjanis Viduss Has opened a new page in Trophy history book, and jointly created the site for information about the NEZ championship. I hope that this will help participants to get better information about the competition, and will introduce new off-road challenges. I hope that together we will be able to create a really good sports […]